In some cases, you do not have to appear in court and can pay your ticket online or by mail, waiving your right to a court appearance.  You may determine whether your offense is waivable by reviewing the back of your ticket, checking your case online through the Court’s Online Case Information System, or by contacting the Court if you cannot determine this information independently.  All pre-court payments constitute a waiver of a court hearing and an entry of a guilty plea.  The court must RECEIVE your payment at least 24 hours in advance of your scheduled appearance.  You may complete your waiver:

  • Online
    1. Note: A convenience fee is assessed per transaction when payment is made by a credit/debit card.
    2. Payments are made using the Delaware Municipal Court Online Case Information System.
    3. Once you access the system, read the General Disclaimer and click “I Accept, Continue.”
    4. Locate your case by clicking “TR/CR Case ”
    5. Search for your case by selecting name, case number, date of birth, traffic ticket number, license plate number, or incident number from the drop down; typing your information in the field; and clicking the “Lookup” button. When searching by name, enter your “last name, first name.”  The comma between names is required.
    6. On the results page, click “Select” next to the case number for which you are paying the waiver.
    7. Locate the waiver column on the right of the next screen. Offenses eligible for pre-court payment will list a “Waiver Amount.”  If all offenses are waivable you are eligible to plead guilty and pay your waiver amount online in lieu of a court appearance.
    8. Click “Make Payment” displayed in green to make a payment.
    9. The next page will reflect the total due for all charged offenses. Click “Continue” to make a payment.
  • By Mail
    1. Sign the pre-printed waiver on the back of your ticket.
    2. Mail the signed ticket along with payment (check, money order, or other approved payment method) for the total of your fines and costs to:
Delaware Municipal Court
70 N. Union Street
Delaware, Ohio 43015


Traffic Safety Program (TSP)

If you intend to complete the waiver for one or more misdemeanor moving violations and have not participated in this Court’s TSP within the past four years, you may apply for the TSP and resolve your case without a court appearance.  The Defendant’s application to participate in the program must be accompanied by the appropriate fine and cost payment, and the Defendant must enter a guilty or no-contest plea to the traffic charge or charges and must sign the application form. Also, if the traffic ticket indicates that the Defendant did not show proof of insurance when the ticket was issued, the defendant must provide proof of insurance to the clerk of the court.


Once the clerk has received the completed application and the waiver payment, proceedings in the case will be stayed for 60 days while the Defendant completes an on-line defensive driving course. The Defendant must pay the course provider for the cost of the course. (Information about the course is available at www.SafeDriverOnline.com or by phone at 1-888-372-SAFE).  If a defendant successfully completes the TSP within 60 days, the case will be dismissed and a conviction will not be reported to the BMV (the court has no role in the reporting of a conviction to a insurance carrier).


In advance of your scheduled appearance, you may apply for the TSP:

  1. Follow Steps 1–7 above to make a waiver payment.
  2. If you are eligible for the TSP, the Make Court Payment screen will include the following box:Payment options
  3. To participate in the TSP, you MUST click the “Accept TSP” button at the bottom of the box BEFORE paying your waiver. Note:  You do not need to mail or bring the TSP application to the complete if you “Accept TSP” online.
  4. Review the total amount due for your offenses, and click “Continue” to make a payment.
  5. If you did not show proof of insurance when you received your ticket, you can email proof of insurance to the clerk’s office at e-filing@municipalcourt.org.


  • By Mail
    1. Complete the TSP Application
    2. Mail it to the Delaware Municipal Clerk of Court along with your signed ticket, waiver payment, and proof of insurance (if not presented when you received your ticket).


Written Plea of Not Guilty

If you intend to plead not guilty and proceed to trial, you may complete the Not Guilty Plea form and email it to the court at e-filing@municipalcourt.org.  The Court will schedule your matter for trial without requiring a court appearance at arraignment.


Court Appearance

If your offense is not waivable and you do not wish to enter a written plea of not guilty prior to your court date, you must appear in this Court at the time and date provided on your ticket.  To reduce the amount of time you must spend in the Court, you may view the video explaining your rights online prior to your scheduled appearance.

Rights Video