The Community Work Program is available to the Court as a sentencing option – as part of the sentence, as a condition of fines and/or jail time being suspended, or as a way of satisfying the payment of fines rather than sitting it out in jail (at $60.00 per day). The value of community service is currently computed at the rate of $10.00 per hour. For example, if an offender was fined $150.00 as part of the sentence imposed by the Court, and was unable to pay that fine, the Court may permit the offender the opportunity to perform community service. In this example, the offender would need to perform roughly 15 hours of community service to fulfill this obligation. Otherwise, the Court could incarcerate the offender forĀ 3 days. The offender may now satisfy their court costs, if the Court permits, at the rate of $10.00 per hour in the Community Work Program. All community work program participants sign a contract for the performance of the community service. The contract specifies the number of hours needed, the placement site, and a time certain by which the service must be completed. All community service must be performed for a non-profit organization or for a governmental subdivision, and the participant cannot be compensated in any way for the service performed. If participants have certain skills or interests, matching that skill or interest to a work site is attempted, time permitting. In some cases, participants are permitted to perform the community service outside of Delaware County with the prior approval of the Court and the Probation Division/Office of Community Control. If further information is required about community service contact the Probation Division/Office of Community Control.