Electronically Monitored House Arrest, or EMHA, allows eligible offenders to serve all or part of a jail sentence at a residence approved by the Probation Division/Office of Community Control. A day at the County Jail an cost an offender (or the taxpayer) $60.00. The daily EMHA cost varies based upon the type of equipment involved. Approved leave time is granted by the supervising officer (provided the proper verification has been supplied) for employment, treatment, medical appointments, church, educational activities, or other reasonable pursuits that enhance the overall rehabilitation plan. Every offender must comply with all terms and conditions of EMHA, and those terms are gone over with each offender individually, and a copy is provided to each offender. Offenders may not consume alcohol or illegal drugs while on EMHA and may be asked to submit to testing used to detect alcohol/drug consumption. Offenders sentenced to EMHA must have the monitoring equipment installed within 14 days of availability, and will need to pay the monitoring company $150.00 at installment.

Any non-compliance with the terms and conditions of the EMHA program will result in arrest, and incarceration for all the jail days, with no credit given for time served on EMHA. Any fees paid are non-refundable. Please contact the Probation Division/Office of Community Control if additional information is needed. Phone: (740) 203-1525.