The court revised its local rules on January 23, 2018 to incorporate the “Delaware Mission Court, a Veterans Treatment Court”, which appears as Rule 214.

The Delaware Municipal Court recognizes the proven success of specialized docket programs that provide collaborative services, intensive monitoring of offender progress, and application of immediate sanctions when offenders fail to follow the terms of probation or their case plan.   As a result, the number of offenders who successfully complete program requirements is greatly improved.  Specialized dockets also have been demonstrated to significantly reduce the recidivism rate for offenders with high criminogenic risks and needs.

With the recognition that many of our Veterans return to civilian life with serious trauma, both physical and mental, which may lead to their involvement with the criminal justice system, comes a responsibility to ensure that Veterans receive the treatment and services that they need—that they have earned. By providing a specialized docket—the Delaware Mission Court–the Delaware Municipal Court increases a Veteran’s chances of success in a collaborative environment by enhancing access to various programs and treatments and fostering interaction with other Veterans to ensure that those who have served receive the services they deserve.

Court Rules; Revised January 23, 2018

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Forms and Documentation:
Mission Court Program Description
Mission Court Participant Handbook
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Mission Court Participant Agreement
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